A full range of specialist sachet solutions


Up until 1998 A.C.E. Packwell specialised in the packaging of pharmaceutical, veterinary and dairy products but in June 1998 we revised our strategies and included selected food items.

Our expertise includes:

  • A total package i.e. purchase the product and materials to the customers specifications, form/fill/ code and package the sachets and deliver a finished product
  • A part package i.e. form/fill/code and package sachets using product and materials supplied by the customer
  • The service includes ink jet coding of the sachet, the consumer carton and the shipper carton.
  • All finished pallets are stretch wrapped with a top cover

Additional services include:

  • Leaflet into consumer
  • Shrink wrapping of the consumer or a cluster of consumers.
  • Hot melting of consumer cartons
  • Low humidity packaging for hydroscopic products
  • Nitrogen flushing (not for small production runs.)
  • Organising the packaging materials using the customers artwork.
  • Gusset bottom sachets
  • Resealable pouches
  • Bulk into shippers sachets required for sampling
  • Bandoleer sachets
  • Twin sachets (2 different products)

Our service also includes:

  • Development of new products in partnership with our customer
  • Innovative problem solving and solutions to handling the most difficult products
  • Maximum yields on product and materials
  • Managing large ongoing jobs to the customs rolling forecasts

New service:

  • Powders and granules into plastic tubs which can be labelled, coded, sealed and capped.
  • Stick Packs


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