Best provider of quality sachets since 1982

Our History

The Memorandum of Association was subscribed on the 25th March 1982.

In 1988 the shares in the business were purchased by Ross & Dot Hanlon
and the ownership has remained with Ross & Dot to this day.

In 1988 a ‘Strategic Plan’ was put into place and the business has grown in line with the original plan.

In 1989 Matthew Hanlon (son of Ross & Dot) joined the business as a
trainee and is now the Managing Director.

In 1998 we reviewed our Strategic Plan and included Food Packaging.

In line with our initial plans we have continued to specialise in sachet
manufacture and packaging and we still have many of our original customers. e.g. Bristol Myer Squibb (Sigma) since 1988

We have progressively introduced and updated very disciplined Operating Procedures and Training
Programs which are audited regularly by the licensing authorities and our major customers.

We still employ a number of the staff who started with us in the 80’s and we are very proud of our Staff Team.