A full range of specialist sachet solutions

Pharmaceutical Sachet Packaging

What we can do:

  • Form/fill/code and package
  • Horizontal or vertical with 3 or 4 seals
  • Auger and volumetric fill
  • Powders, granules, liquids and tablets
  • Powders from as little as a portion of a gram up to 250 grams
  • Twin sachets
  • Humidity controlled rooms for hydroscopic products
  • Nitrogen flushing but not on short production runs
  • Provide yields on the product of between 95% and 100% depending on the nature of the product

What you get:

  • A Contract Agreement as per the TGA requirement.
  • A Confidentiality Agreement.
  • A Yield and Reconciliation Analysis with every batch of product.
  • A Daily production sheet.
  • Organise the stability testing for the “Release for Sale” or we can arrange for the required samples to be sent to your nominated laboratory.

Our expertise includes:

  • Basically anything into sachets
  • A total package
    • Form/fill/code
    • Coding/filling of consumer cartons
    • Leaflets included with sachets
    • Cluster shrink wrap of consumers
    • Packing consumer or cluster into coded shipper
    • Stretch wrapping of completed pallets
  • Note:We also bulk pack sachets required for sampling.
  • Hot melting consumer cartons
  • Low humidity packaging for hydroscopic products-nitrogen flushing
  • Organising packaging materials with your artwork
  • Innovative problem solving
  • Development of new products in partnership with our customer.
  • Solutions to handling the most difficult and unusual jobs
  • Maximum yields on product and material
  • Large runs/ongoing work. We also do short runs.


Licence Number: 107891

Examples of what we have done:

  • Form/filled/coded and packaged a very difficult pharmaceutical product for over
    20 years
  • Form/filled/coded and packaged a hydroscopic powder and achieved far better yields than the customer own packaging line. The value of the additional finished products turned out to be more than our invoice charge for the form/fill/code and packaging.


Pharmaceutical packaging sachets