A full range of specialist sachet solutions

Food Products Sachet Packaging

Our Expertise Includes:

  • A total package
    i.e. purchase the product and materials to the customers specifications, form/fill/code and package the sachets
    and deliver a finished product
  • A part package
    i.e. form/fill/code and package sachets using product and materials supplied by the customer
  • The service includes ink jet coding of the sachet, the consumer carton and the shipper carton.
  • All finished pallets are stretch wrapped with a top cover

Additional Services Include:

  • Leaflet into consumer
  • Shrink wrapping of the consumer or a cluster of consumers.
  • Hot melting of consumer cartons
  • Low humidity packaging for hydroscopic products
  • Nitrogen flushing (not for small production runs.)
  • Organising the packaging materials using the customers artwork.
  • Gusset bottom sachets
  • Resealable pouches
  • Bulk into shippers sachets required for sampling
  • Bandoleer sachets
  • Twin sachets (2 different products)

Our service also includes

  • Development of new products in partnership with our customer
  • Innovative problem solving and solutions to handling the most difficult products
  • Maximum yields on product and materials
  • Managing large ongoing jobs to the customs rolling forecasts


New Service

  • Powders and granules into plastic tubs which can be labelled, coded, sealed and capped.
  • Stick Packs


Food Product packaging sachets

Food Product sachet packaging