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Sachet Packaging Specialists

We recognise our priority customers come to us with a predetermined set of requirements. Our customers both small and large will continue to use our services if we are relentless in providing them with good quality work, efficient service and value for money.

We recognise that our customers require good yields on the bulk product and the packaging materials used. To this end we have developed as part of our operating procedures constant audits of our yield performances.

We recognise that our customers want us to operate with extremely high hygiene standards and therefore we run our factory to the Therapeutic Goods Administration Standards set out in the “Code of Good Manufacturing”. We use these standards throughout our factory at all times regardless of the different categories of product being packed.

e.g. - pharmaceutical
       - dairy
       - veterinary
       - food

We recognise that our ongoing profitability depends on our ability to always respond positively to our customers wants, needs and likes.

History Our People

What We Provide

  • Quality packaging
  • Experienced workforce
  • Prompt service
  • Cost effective work
  • Single source responsibility

Something New

  • We are always looking for new challenges to grow our business.

What You Get

  • Reduced demand for your staffing
  • Less demand on training resources
  • Less need for maintenance resources
  • Predictable unit costs
  • No capital investment
  • None of the problems associated with setting up the production line or problems of handling difficult products or product inconsistencies
  • Food products packed at very high pharmaceutical standards.

Our Skills & Strengths

  • No job is too big for us.
  • No challenge is too much for us.
  • We are ‘hands on operators’ with no fancy overheads.
  • We know we don’t make money out of flash offices.
  • We know we can make money from a “well oiled machine”.